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Brewster Honors Our Veterans


Brewster Technical Center honored our Veterans on November 8th, 2013. On behalf of all of the faculty, staff, and students we celebrated those Americans who fight for our freedoms and protect our great country. Thank you all for making this a wonderful moment for Brewster History.




Pharmacy Technician Class Receives Grant

The Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union Foundation donated $3000 for Health Student Immunizations.

 Brewster Students Receive Grant!

Thanks to the generosity of Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union, Brewster students have received help for the last 5 years. The grant covers the cost of immunizations that are required for the Health Science Programs including Pharmacy Technician and Practical Nursing. The grant enables students to enter a program that once may have been out of reach due to the high cost of immunizations. Thank you Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union for helping us at Brewster Technical Center provide opportunities to advance and build a better future for everyone!





Brewster Receives Literacy Partnership Award


 Brewster Technical Center Recieves Literacy Partnership Award.



Brewster Technical Center was awarded a Literacy Partnership Award from the I CAN! Community Education Coalition on November 7th, 2013. Michelle Tate-Martin, Founder & Executive Director, presented the award during the Business Education Advisory Committee meeting.

The I CAN! Community Education Coalition provides literacy training to adults and older youth so they may succeed and become self-sufficient. The coalition is staffed by volunteers with expertise in education, business, law, accounting, and social service who donate their time and skills to improve literacy in their community.


Brewster has been involved with this program over 10 years. Program Advisors, Vangie Goldwire and Melissa Brady, have worked with the I CAN! students numerous times. They spoke to the students about training opportunities that are available after obtaining their GED. Mr. Goldwire and Mrs. Brady were presented awards for their years of service to the I CAN! Community Education Coalition.




 Brewster's Halloween Bash 2013


Brewster Technical Center celebrated Halloween on Wednesday, October 31st, 2013. There was spooky trivia, a costume contest, and a cake walk. The ESOL Students performed "Them Bones" dance, which was met by much enthuasiasm. With all of the costumes, candy, and cakes, fun was surely had by all.  




Clean Air Policy

Brewster Technical Center is dedicated to providing a clean, healthy environment for students and staff. Effective August 20th, 2013, smoking is limited to designated smoking areas only.

Brewster now has designated smoking areas.

As many of our students are preparing for the workforce, Brewster's Clean Air Policy is very similar to what students will experience during future employment. The current trend for employers is to restrict smoking to designated areas or even having an entirely smoke-free workplace. In extreme cases, employees have even been punished for their smoking habits (click here to read more).

Please visit the Clean Air Policy page (under Admissions) for information about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke, as well as resources for those interested in breaking the habit.





Metropolitan Ministries Volunteer of the Month

We are very proud to announce that our Custodial Maintenance Technology Class was awarded the Metropolitan Ministries Volunteer of the Month Award on May 29th, 2013. The administrative staff of Metropolitan Ministries was so appreciative and elated to have our students at their site. The students were recognized and congratulated for their hard work, congenial attitude, punctuality, and determination.

 Custodial Maintenance Technology Class Receives Volunteer of the Month Award.

We here at Brewster are proud to have such talented and dedicated students. Their efforts and success in the program deserve to be commended. We look forward to hearing more about their accomplishments in the future.



Brewster Brain Bowl 

The Brewster Brain Bowl made its debut on Thursday, May 23, 2013. Brewster Technical Center is comprised of several different technical, vocational, and academic programs, interdependent of one another. However, our students share a campus, administration, vision, and mission statement, and this school-wide activity was an opportunity for the entire school to participate in a friendly competition to bring out the academic best in all of Brewster’s students.


 The premise of the Brain Bowl is a combination of the game show “Jeopardy” and “College Bowl”, an academic television program aired in decades past. All of the programs at Brewster were grouped into five major teams: Medical, Information and Industrial Technology, Adult Education, Culinary/Custodial, and Business Education. There were two representatives for each team: one team member bid points for each question, while the other team member answered the question. The game categories included: English, Math, Science, “In the Classroom”, Work, Facts & Figures, and finally the Wild Card in the final round of questions.

Many of the questions were related to the curricula from the programs at Brewster Technical Center, so each team was given a question that had been discussed in their classes at some point during the semester. For example, the Medical team was given a question relevant to the medical field: Question: “What is the name of the specialist who treats patients with heart disease?” Answer: “Cardiologist”. The Adult Education team was given a question relevant to more general education in literature: Question: “What is the name of the novel about a sea captain and an enormous white whale?” Answer:Moby Dick”. In this way, the teams could be in competition while drawing from their classroom concepts.

It was a close game half-way into the first round, but it ended in a three-way tie going into the final round. In the end, however, the Culinary/Custodial team was able to answer the final question by coming the closest to the year of Brewster Technical Center’s birth- 1925, and came in first place! Everyone in the audience had a great time with cheering and stadium-like noise-makers, creating an enjoyable event to end the school year with students, staff members, and instructors from all of our programs together and sharing a “fun-tastic” time with our entertaining program counselor and MC, Vangie Goldwire.
Brewster Brain Bowl’s popularity among the students has ensured that this will be a yearly event. In the meantime, however, the Culinary/Custodial team and the programs they represent, now has bragging rights till next year!



Student of the Semester Award

On May 23rd, 2013, the Brewster Technical Center's Spring 2013 Student of the Semester Award was given to a handful of deserving students.

Brewster Student of the Semester Award.

Congratulations to Jeff Belle, Roberta Cattel, Rose Charles, Hong-Suong Dinh, Nelly Florez, Victor Jimenez, Magguit Garanton, Anna Ngo, Charlene Oertli, Maria Parent, Sherrille Richardson, Craig Spence, Michelle Uliana, and Karoline Vera for earning this award. These students were chosen for their desire to learn, excellent attendance, unshakable work ethic, amicable attitude, and dedication to continuing their education.

We here at Brewster are proud to have such exemplary students in our midst. We are excited to see what future accomplishments these students achieve.




"Eating Smart and Being Active" Certificate

On May 22nd, 2013, Ms. Niedbalec's ESOL Academic Skills students celebrated after receiving their "Eating Smart and Being Active" certificate from University of Florida.

Brewster ESOL Class receives University of Florida

These Brewster students earned this certificate through the "Eating Smart and Being Active" class given by the University of Florida Extension Service guest lectures Ms. Lanzot and Ms. Allen. It was an eight-session class that emphasized the importance of healthy eating, exercise, and healthy living. Brewster congratulates these students on acheiving this certificate and making healthy choices everyday! 




2013 International Festival

On Friday, May 3rd, 2013, Brewster celebrated the International Festival! Brewster students shared and celebrated their diversity through food, traditional dress, dancing, trivia, and songs. Among the countries represented were Columbia, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Vietnam, Venezuela, Mexico, Egypt, India, and of course, America.

There was a traditional Columbian dance performed by the talented ESOL students, known as the Cumbia. The Cumbia is a traditional courting dance that is a mix of African, European, and Native South American influences.

Special thanks goes out to all of the Brewster Faculty and Students who worked hard to bring this festival to life! We appreciate your dedication to make this year’s International Festival a success!




The Loren Craig Success Story

Loren Craig a Brewster Grad StudentMy name is Loren and I am a graduate of Brewster's Medical Administrative program. I selected Brewster for my education for many reasons, one being the support and individual guidance I received from the moment I walked through their door.

I became homeless two years ago due to domestic violence. I was an uneducated, single mother living in a homeless shelter with my small child. I realized that in order for me to support him and myself, I needed to learn a trade. I enrolled in the Medical Administrative program in the spring of 2010 and graduated this summer with the recognition of being a member of the National Technical Honor Society.

The training I received at Brewster not only allowed me to feel confident about entering the work force, but also gave me the opportunity to increase my earning potential. I have obtained employment in as an administrative assistant at a decent wage with benefits. I will now be able to move out of the shelter and support myself and my child. I have gained confidence and esteem and plan to continue my education.





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